1. The Awakening

The awakening painting was created by first making a pencil sketch on paper then scanning it into the computer. I used Corel Painter 7 & IX to paint the image. Mostly I used the soft charcoal variant of charcoal & the artist...

2. Moon Goddess

I’ve had a love affair with the moon ever since I was child, and my favorite past time was going outside after sunset to swing on my swing set, until the moon came out. I would sing to the moon and mom would play the guitar, it was...

3. Nimue

The Lady of the lake from the Arthurian legend has always fascinated me, and the moment I laid eyes on a photograph sent to me of my niece Tessa, I knew I had found my inspiration for the painting of Nimue. It was a photo of Tessa,...

4. Daybreak

Aurora is the Roman Goddess of the Dawn. Her name means ” daybreak, the dawn, or sunrise. Ovid describes her as the one who brings the light of day as she rides in her chariot across the skies ahead of the sun. I envisioned her with...

5. Mask Of Gaia

Gaia the primordial Greek goddess believed to be The Mother Goddess or Great Goddess. She is also said to personify the earth,  the Greek version of  “Mother Nature”. The inspiration for this painting came from a dream I had...
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A Healer’s Touch

A Healer's Touch

Yesterday as I was cleaning the studio, I came across a couple of watercolor and acrylic paintings, which were works in progress. They were my first attempt to break out of the cyclic creative block that I seemed unable to shake this past week.

One of them represented the different emotional and psychological imprints that can happen when one has a chronic illness. The woman figure symbolizes a medical practitioner, the flower in the vintage lab beaker is representative of our creative adaptability and  innate biological ability to heal. The bird symbolizes tapping into our own creative and healing energies.

I had covered the other canvas with sections of one of my favorite articles about a grandmother who used plant medicine to heal her granddaughter, and her ability to blend her will with the energies of the earth to nourish and sustain her family.

As I looked at these two separate paintings, I suddenly felt inspired to scan both images and thought why not combine both of them together, so I did.

I had to cut, rearrange and then merge all the different images to make them fit together. The whole process took me a couple of hours and it really helped me to break out of my creative slump. I used Photoshop & Painter IX to create the image above  from my original paintings.

So  here’s a very heartfelt thank you to all the women, mothers and grandmothers who inspire, nurture and sustain us throughout our lives.

Creativity in the Kitchen

The studio is dark, silent . . . the easel sits empty.

However, in the kitchen, all is well!

Cooking relaxes me and engages me in a creative way . . . like blending the right spices or ingredients together.

I have homemade chicken curry simmering on the stove, and mangoes, papaya, and peaches in ceramic bowls on the counter waiting to be made into salsa.  Yum!

My creativity for right now is focused on preparing wholesome, nutritious food for my family.

Peach & Papaya Salsa

Peach & Papaya Salsa . . .

“Good painting is like good cooking, it can be tasted, but not explained.” – Maurice de Vlaminck


To make a long story short . . .  I’ve been out sick for the past week with a rather nasty upper respiratory infection.

I’m beginning to feel much better and am looking forward to getting back to work in the studio.

Here is an amazing animation by a young animator, Carmen Bromfield Mason.


Over the weekend I discovered  some Yupo Paper hidden away on one of my shelves, and  I was hoping to play around with it today, but I came down with a nasty flu yesterday.

So here I lie in bed surrounded by Kleenex, a big pot of hot tea and various medications which are suppose to help me get through the worst of it. C’est la vie!

thought for the day:

“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
– Joshua J. Marine

The Sea

The Sea

The Sea – Mixed Media – 8 X  II inches

I’ve been working on quite a few projects lately, and this painting is one of them. At this point, it’s still a work in progress.

The preliminary sketch of the mermaid has been floating around in my studio for some time. Every time I came across it I meant to do something with it, but never did.

I finally started working on it yesterday and this is as far as I got. . . .

I still have a long way to go on this one and a lot of changes are likely going to happen.

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” – C. G. Jung