Ancient Stones & The Sea

I have always been fascinated with the sea and old stones worn smooth by the tides,

 the hidden mysteries beneath the deep ocean and the folklore of mermaids.

Come away with me to a place of mystery, imagination and beauty.  ~rose


Seawater rushing across ancient stones…a remembered dream. ~rose


I am still creating traditional art work as well, but for now I am enjoying the freedom that

mobile photography has given me. The ability to create imaginative, photographic

images while traveling and exploring throughout beautiful Northern California.

Wishing all of you a beautiful, magical Spring! ~rose


Horus and The Crow

After many days of very hot weather it finally cooled down today and that makes me a happy camper.

I’ve been playing around with this piece for a couple of days. The inspiration for it came partly from watching crows in our yard and partly from a dream I had about a crow reading aloud from a book about the history of Horus. I was told by someone standing next to me, that I was there only as an observer. About midway through the dream I woke up and couldn’t remember a word the crow said. lol

Anyway, I had fun creating this painting. I will try to research the connection, if any, between Horus, the hawk-headed Egyptian god of the sky, and crows. That should be interesting . . .

The Observer

The Observer – Acrylic Art – Mixed media Collage – 9 x 12 inches on paper

“Hear the voice of the Bard! / Who present, past, and future sees; / Whose ears have heard/ The Holy Word / That walked among the ancient trees.” – William Blake

When Trees Walked The Earth

Last night I had the strangest dream!

I dreamed that I was watching trees walk out of the ocean onto land. They walked in small groups, communicating with each other by waving their branches back and forth. The sky was orange with red and gold light playing across he landscape. The dream was very magical and I felt so happy and free. It was at that moment I realized I was a tree too.

After writing my dream down I got up and grabbed a cup of coffee. Then I decided to make a painting of my dream.

Even as a child I have always had unusual dreams, which include a great deal of detail, and I always dream in full technicolor, with all five senses engaged.

For more info on dreams and dream cards go here.

WhenTrees Walked the Earth

When Trees Walked the Earth – Acrylic Art – Mixed Media Collage – 9 x 12 inches on paper.

Jack Rabbit Moon

Last night I dreamed of a Jack Rabbit sitting in a freshly plowed field.

In the east, a full moon hung over the countryside, and I could see the dark silhouette of trees in the distance as coyotes howled at the moon. The dream was oddly comforting because it reminded me of my childhood in Texas.

I did a few preliminary drawings to attempt to capture the essence of the rabbit and I finally settled on the one below. Now,  I definitely need to work some more on the rabbit and the background. I’ve got miles to go …  But…it’s a start.

Jack Rabbit #3

Jack Rabbit Moon –  Mixed Media – 11 x 14 inches

“The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.”
– CARL JUNG, The Meaning of Psychology for Modern Man

The Dog Days Of Summer

We’ve had some really hot weather so I’ve been staying indoors trying to keep cool. Working steadily on some sketches and ideas for new projects.

The other night I dreamed of a beautiful blue butterfly which flew over my head and landed on my outstretched hand. So beautiful! I’ve done a few butterfly sketches but nothing that really captures the essence of the dream.

Sunflower #2

Busy Day

It’s been a very busy day and I am exhausted. I spent most of the afternoon finishing up this painting, and it feels good to be finally done.

Later, my husband and I watched a movie, and now I’m going to go to bed and get a good nights rest.

Woman Dreaming -Digital Charcoal/Oil – Combined Media – 12 X 12 inches

She dreams and weaves together the strands of her life, the past, present, and future. The woman sleeps serenely within the circle, the ancient symbol of the goddess, the womb, wholeness, unity, and infinity. While in the dream world; she builds a bridge between the earthly and mystical realms to heal the earth and her children. – Rose Arizmendi