A Healer’s Touch

A Healer's Touch

Yesterday as I was cleaning the studio, I came across a couple of watercolor and acrylic paintings, which were works in progress. They were my first attempt to break out of the cyclic creative block that I seemed unable to shake this past week.

One of them represented the different emotional and psychological imprints that can happen when one has a chronic illness. The woman figure symbolizes a medical practitioner, the flower in the vintage lab beaker is representative of our creative adaptability and  innate biological ability to heal. The bird symbolizes tapping into our own creative and healing energies.

I had covered the other canvas with sections of one of my favorite articles about a grandmother who used plant medicine to heal her granddaughter, and her ability to blend her will with the energies of the earth to nourish and sustain her family.

As I looked at these two separate paintings, I suddenly felt inspired to scan both images and thought why not combine both of them together, so I did.

I had to cut, rearrange and then merge all the different images to make them fit together. The whole process took me a couple of hours and it really helped me to break out of my creative slump. I used Photoshop & Painter IX to create the image above  from my original paintings.

So  here’s a very heartfelt thank you to all the women, mothers and grandmothers who inspire, nurture and sustain us throughout our lives.


Here is a video demonstration of contemplative sketch booking with Sumi ink, watercolor and collage.

A very creative and interesting video. Beautiful!

Happy Accidents

Today was another gorgeous, wonderful day here in northern California!

Today, I prepped a couple of sheets of watercolor paper for tomorrow and did this painting in the afternoon. It was one of those happy accidents.

I accidentally spilled some watercolor paint on the paper and as I was trying to clean it off, this winged figure started to appear. I then  began developing the painting with acrylics, colored pencils, inks, and pastel pencils.

This was way to much fun!


Threshold – Acrylic Art – Mixed Media Collage – 5 x 7 inches on paper

“Where the water whispers mid the shadowy rowan trees I have heard the Hidden People like the hum of swarming bees: And when the moon has risen and the brown burn glisters grey I have seen the Green Host marching in laughing disarray. – Fiona MacLeod

When Angels Dream

I wanted to be productive today and paint something so I created the abstract painting below. I am still working on this one.

I need to work some more on the angels and the background. I am thinking of  adding some touches of ink and metallic paint to spice it up a bit.

This afternoon, I prepped several sheets of watercolor paper with gesso and tissue paper for a project I want to do and they are drying as I type this.

Tomorrow I plan on letting my spirit out to play!

When Angels Dream

When Angels Dream – Acrylic/Watercolor – 8 x 10 inches on Watercolor Paper

“In order for my work to continue to evolve, I become involved in playfulness and take the opportunity to look at the ‘what – ifs.’ Whatever the result, it expands my vision by letting go of who I think I am and discovering the spirit within.” – Jean Deemer

Rainy Day in the Studio

Today I woke up to another gray, rainy day and I really didn’t feel much like doing anything so I grabbed a cup of good strong Irish tea and began my day.

Later  in the afternoon, I was able to work in the studio and started laying in the background colors on this painting. I also did some touch ups and added more details to the hair section.

I did not get as much done as I had planned on because daylight was fading fast and it was already time to start dinner. I turned off the studio lights and said goodnight to the Tree Guardian.

Tree Guardian

Tree Guardian – Acrylic/Watercolor Mixed Medium – 16 x 20 on watercolor paper

“A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods.”  – Rachel Carson

Work in Progress

I have been working on this painting again and have added a few new elements to it.

I am making progress on the piece despite the occasional interruptions. Oh, such is life. But I am having fun!

It felt really good to have two full days in the studio so I could get some work done. My current goal is to spend more time in the studio and less time with my nose in the computer. We will see how that works out . . .

Lady of the Forest #2

Lady of the Forest #2 – Acrylic/Watercolor/ Mixed Medium – 16 x 20 inches on Canvas


When you start on a long journey, trees are trees, water is water, and mountains are mountains. After you have gone some distance, trees are no longer trees, water no longer water, mountains no longer mountains. But after you have travelled a great distance, trees are once again trees, water is once again water, mountains are once again mountains. – Zen teaching

New Beginnings

During this time of the year, the focus is on new beginnings, new projects, manifesting dreams, and I was thinking about what the future holds for us and future generations.

Well, after reading the news this morning I decided it was time to stop and smell the roses so I turned off the computer and headed out to the studio.

I pulled out a sheet of watercolor paper and began to sketch a portrait of my sister which then morphed into something completely different. I began to hear my muse whispering in my ear of ancient forests, beautiful winged beings, swirling colors of blues, russet and subtle shades of green sprinkled with lavender.

What’s a woman to do? Go with the flow, of course!

Below is a photo of the painting in it’s first stages.

New Beginnings

Tree Guardian Acrylic/Watercolor Mixed Medium – 16 x 20 inches on watercolor paper

Merlyn in Calydon

“If you sit still long enough on the forest floor, the universe will approach you like a shy animal.

Breathe softly and don’t move:  If encouraged it will nuzzle your open hand.

Open more! Open your heart … your head … your soul … all doors … all bars

that catch and trap and bind the wild and dreaming beast that sleeps in you.”  – Mara Freeman

Weekend Project

This weekend I started working on the “healing labyrinth mandala” painting below. It was inspired by the mandala exercises I’ve been doing from “The Mandala Healing Kit”,  by Judith Cornell, Ph.D.

After doing the exercises in the workbook, I decided to make a mandala on watercolor paper  using acrylics, watercolor and ink. This is a work in progress so I will keep you updated.

For me, the mandala is a symbol for healing, growth and transformation.

Healing Labyrinth

The Healing Labyrinth Mandala – Acrylic/Mixed Medium – 16 x 20 inches on watercolor paper

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” – Joseph Campbell

Another Journal

I spent most of the day finishing yesterdays journal and then started a new one. I was having so much fun that before I knew it, the sun was setting.

Now, I have just enough time to take a nice warm bath, slip into my pajamas and watch a movie with my husband. Sounds like a perfect ending for a busy Friday.

Minoan Journal – Work in Progress – Collage,  Acrylic, watercolor, Mixed Media

I also baked a Chocolate Truffle dessert for later. Yum!

Chocolate Truffle Brownies

“There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles.” –

Stacks of Magazines

Today, I took one look at the stack of magazines on the floor by our sofa and said enough is enough … I started ripping out quotes, meaningful words, slogans, images and tossed these into a clear plastic container.

Afterwards, I remembered purchasing a couple of blank journals a while back, so I decided to collage the covers with the magazine scraps, tissue paper, acrylics, watercolors, ink, etc.

It’s a creative way to reuse old magazines and it’s fun! I love giving journals as Christmas gifts to friends and family.

The Mermaid Journal – Tomorrow I will be adding sea shells, ribbons, metallic watercolors, etc.

“Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is. And the faith to trust our own admission. The admitting is often very difficult.”
Julia Cameron