Mask Of Gaia

Mask Of Gaia

Gaia the primordial Greek goddess believed to be The Mother Goddess or Great Goddess. She is also said to personify the earth,  the Greek version of  “Mother Nature”.

The inspiration for this painting came from a dream I had in 2004. In the dream I found myself flying over continents and oceans, and finally coming to rest in a beautiful overgrown primordial garden.

Underneath a rather large tree I found an old cracked earthen mask and as I moved closer, the mask  began to shift and change.

The earth itself began to make strange humming sounds. As the humming grew louder, the earth covered the mask with all kinds of leaves and flowers. The mask was completely covered except for the eye holes.

When I bent down to take a closer look, I found myself staring into a strangely beautiful pair of eyes. The earth shook and I heard a voice say… I am Gaia.

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