Work In Progress

I have been working on a series of collage paintings for several weeks based on meditation, dream work, and self healing. My inner focus has been on finding balance in my own life between the everyday and the spiritual, taking time for meditation, reflection, and restful awareness.

It is very difficult to move beyond the constant bombardment of information and stimulation we receive on a daily basis, as our pace of life keeps accelerating, so it’s not surprising that anxiety, stress, and insomnia is on the rise.

How do we find an oasis of stillness in this crazy world? We take ourselves out of the “business as usual” equation if only for a few minutes at a time. Go for a walk, read an inspirational book, turn off the phone or watch the grass grow, anything that allows you to slow down enough to allow your breathing to slow, blood pressure decrease, and those stress hormones return to normal.

Inner Spirit

Reflections Of The Inner Spirit

This is a close up of one of the collage paintings I am currently working on. Today I added more collage elements to her body and will be layering in more background color tomorrow.