Raven Woman

I’ve been working on this painting for a week or so and it’s almost done. The woman here represents a shape-changer, a being which has the power to alter form and bring about great changes in people’s lives.

In her human form she enters an ecstatic state in order to travel away from this reality into the invisible realms which are dream like, flowing, fluid worlds, where time ceases to exist. A place where every nuance, thought, and transformation takes place in the blink of an eye.

The spirit of the raven watches over her, protecting and guiding her through this place between heaven and earth, teaching her various ways to heal her people, as well as how to see through false forms, lies, and tricks of others. Mostly the raven teaches her how to appreciate the humor in life.

Raven – Combined Medium – 8 X 10 inches

“She perches upon the threshold of the worlds, both flesh and spirit” … – Brenna Gwyn

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  1. sara says:

    Wow! This is stunning!!

    A large black raven came to me in a dream two nights ago.

    As first I was scared and confused because of my association of raven as a messenger of death…

    But in the dream, the raven seemed to have “chosen” me, it was perched on my shoulder, wrapping it’s wing over the top of my head. The energy of the bird was joyful, keen, empowering and full of vitality.

    I did some dream work today with a dear friend, and we looked up Raven totem energies. After a few minutes it absolutely clear that she and I will co-create a shamanic women’s dream circle– something I have had a vague sense of wanting to do for years. The time is now! With the blessing of Raven, I am committing to showing up to do this work intentionally, in community, with deepest respect for
    the healing we can do in service to one another, all creatures and the planet.

    Then I went searching on line for an image that seemed close to my experience to help ground my dream and perhaps to be able to share my vision with others. And, I found your gorgeous painting and writing!


    Thank you for being part of this dream journey manifesting here and now.

    Gratitude & Blessings.

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