Herbs & Plants

Yesterday, we made a trip over to The Luther Burbank Gardens to purchase a couple of plants. I found Pink Texas skullcap, and a couple of other treasures to plant in our little herb/flower garden.

Texas skullcap is not considered a medicinal herb, yet I love its delicate pink flowers which are reminiscent of tiny snapdragon flowers. I planned on planting them early this morning, but never got around to it.

Instead, I ended up cutting some lemon balm to dry, and puttering around in the garden.

Lemon Balm

Lamb’s Ears

“Ale with herbs, a dish of strawberries of good taste and color, haws, berries of the juniper, sloes, nuts. -Irish Poem

“When brilliant summer-time spreads its colored mantle, Sweet tasting fragrance! Pignuts, wild marjoram, green leeks, verdant pureness. – Irish Poem