Chakra Meditation Bracelet

Today, I got my beading supplies out and made another Chakra Meditation Bracelet. This one has both an amethyst bear and a lapis bead for the third eye. Reason being that the bear represents the person’s favorite animal spirit. I also added pink quartz dangles  to symbolize  love & the compassionate heart.

I used a hematite heart for the first chakra, carnelian for the second chakra, and amber for the third chakra. For the fourth chakra I chose a beautiful hand carved rose quartz bead, and an aquamarine bead for the fifth chakra, for the crown chakra I selected a rainbow quartz bead.

Each bead is individually wire wrapped by hand.

Chakra Meditation Bracelet

Chakra Bracelet

Made with 925  Sterling Silver Wire & finished by a  Bali Sterling Silver Toggle.

I love making sacred jewelry and it was a perfect way to spend my afternoon. Happiness for me is being surrounded by a sea of beads, drinking in all their vibrant colors and energy.

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