Raining Blue

Here is another digital morning warm up exercise.

This time I used digital liquid ink on hot press paper. I did several 4 x 5  inch paintings, and each one turned out a little different.

I sometimes use these as a point of reference for traditional paintings. This way I can experiment with new ideas without the expense of purchasing new canvases, and if I don’t like what I ‘ve created I can hit the delete button.

This also allows me to  play around with several different compositions before choosing one, and helps me to figure out what medium would work best for each new painting.

As an example, lets say I wanted to turn this one into a traditional painting. I would probably use acrylics, collage elements, gesso, crackle paste, and light modeling paste on canvas.

Raining Blue - warm up #3

Raining Blue – Digital Painting – 4 x 5 inches – Digital Liquid ink on hot press paper.

thought for the day;

“if you want to get better at painting or making art, then do it everyday (passionately/religiously) as if there is no tomorrow. Let go of the judge within, and be surrounded by positive, supportive people. Be gentle on yourself and others. Give. Never hold back. ” – Nancy Davis Bilbro

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