Crazy Day

This morning I went into my art room, flipped the light switch on and began preparing to work, and within five minutes the power went out. Our power was out for a good hour or so.

As we were hurrying around unplugging the computer, and television, I must have strained a back muscle. When the power came back on I started working on one of my paintings and ignored that nagging little ache in my lower back, until I couldn’t ignore it any more.

Now here I am sitting at my computer all propped up with a heating pad. At least I can work on posting my paintings on my new Art Gallery site, and catch up on the news.

Today, I ended up making digital collage paper for a family project. I began by painting the background, and using a photograph I took to create the image below, later I will add text, family photos, etc…

Digital Collage Paper

Digital Collage Paper

“Trust in yourself and everything will fall into place”. – Vedic Scriptures

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